Domenico Paone: The founder of the pasta workshop

Domenico Paone, the son of Erasmo and Francesca Purificato, was born in Formia on 4th August 1858.

For generations, his family had owned land, mainly growing crops and citrus trees, and property, concentrated in the coastal region of Southern Lazio – and this is where Paone emerged onto the scene in the early 19th century.

Domenico was a visionary, the true pioneer of the pasta workshop, and set in motion everything that was to come.


"Captain of Industry"

In 1918, a fire – the cause of which may have been an arson attack – destroyed almost the entire building, putting a stop to its industrious production. Until then, the workshop had been producing 50,000 kg of flour and 8000 kg of pasta every day. It was soon rebuilt thanks to the tenacity of our very own Domenico Paone.

On 24th June 1928, the Minister for Culture, Pietro Fedele, from Minturno, and the Bishop of Gaeta, Monsignor Dionigi Casaroli, attended a ceremonial event celebrating the unveiling of a very special monument. Still attracting admirers today on the Largo Paone promenade, this monument is dedicated to Domenico Paone, who, at his own expense, funded the planning and development of the beach area and coastal road, which had been damaged following an unusually heavy storm.

This promenade area became known as the “Largo Paone” and this marvellous rounded exedra can be seen in pre-war postcards.
In 1930, Domenico Paone was honoured with the title “Captain of Industry” under the Royal Decree of 15th December 1930.


His legacy

On 10th September 1943, the Piazza Risorgimento area was struck by a tremendous bombardment which completely destroyed the pasta workshop.

This disaster must have been hard for Domenico Paone to bear. Sadly, he passed away just eight days later, on 18th September 1943.

Despite these tragic developments, his successors set themselves to the task of restoring the building in good time.


A new start

Production at the old pasta workshop was brought to an end on 31st December 2010, by which time it had been producing over 100 tonnes of pasta every day.

By relocating the workshop to the Penitro industrial zone in Formia, the business helped to ease traffic congestion in the town and to eliminate sources of industrial and noise pollution within this urban environment.


Dedicated to Domenico

The Paone pasta workshop is now the oldest business in the province of Latina, recorded as company no. 95 in the Trade & Companies Register. For four generations, it has been at the forefront of pasta making in Formia, providing jobs to thousands of employees during the decades it has been operating, not to mention the opportunities created as part of the company’s other initiatives.

The superior quality pasta in our Domenico line is dedicated to our founder and to the “arte bianca” – the art of baking. In a more general sense, it is also dedicated to the stunning art on display in our country’s unique monuments and wonderful cities.